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Wherever your life journey and faith walk have led you, God in the Everyday will meet you at your current mile-marker and take you further down your spiritual path with God. Inspired by his own faith journey, Mark Wade writes this easy-to-use, day-by-day, Scripture-rich guide with practicality and a spiritual depth that reaches readers where God can most effectively change their lives: in their daily time with the Lord. Join Mark on a walk through 14 Truths in this 14-week guide toward hope, purpose, and fulfillment.

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C. Mark Wade has been a Bible study leader for high school students, college students, and young adults for over 30 years and has served in many capacities in his local church. A sales coach by profession, Mark and his wife, Pam, live in Arlington, Texas. They have two adult sons.

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What are others saying?

"Mark Wade provides a profound, yet easy to follow 14-week path of transformation exploring 14 Truths that will deepen the faith and effectiveness of any Christian or open-minded seeker of truth and purpose. As our orientation guide and friend, Mark winsomely illuminates for us what a daily journey with God looks like—one that he has been personally practicing for decades—that we can emulate to both discover and live out God’s purpose for us. Encouraging, challenging, relatable and transformational, God in the Everyday is a fulcrum for greater personal and spiritual fulfillment.”

Kurt Knapton

Investor and Strategic Advisor, Realm Resources, Arlington, TX

“In God in the Everyday, Mark Wade takes his readers on a journey though the Christian life—from life’s beginning at the command of God to the embrace of God that believers receive as they go Home. Individuals and study groups will benefit from Wade’s writing in daily devotions and weekly meetings.…Sign up for this 14-week journey!”

Dr. Mark T. Goodman,

Senior Pastor, Rabbit Creek Church, Anchorage, AK
Author of The Ordinary Way

“Mark Wade has beautifully encapsulated these 14 truths for seeking God in our every-day lives. This study presents relevant, real world questions and scripture-based answers as we live out our faith and build a deeper relationship with our Creator. This study is perfect for the brand new Christian, as well as the seasoned Christian, as the questions challenge the reader to go deeper in their faith at the level that God leads. I found myself spiritually challenged and greatly encouraged as I walked through God in the Everyday.”

Jenn Kleiber

Host of the Faith Filled Entrepreneur Podcast
Founder of Pressing Onward, LLC

"Living life with God in the everyday’ should be a key phrase in all our lives. Through his 14 Truths, Mark helps us discover how to have that kind of walk with the Lord.”

Dr. Chris Liebrum

Vice President, Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX