bringing hope by
pointing us to jesus

C. Mark Wade

C. Mark Wade


Pam And Mark Wade

Pam And Mark Wade


Are you looking for hope, purpose & fullfillment in life

Wherever your life journey and faith walk have led you, God in the Everyday will meet you at your current mile-marker and take you further down your spiritual path with God. Inspired by his own faith journey, Mark Wade writes this easy-to-use, Scripture-rich guide with practicality and a spiritual depth that reaches readers where God can most effectively change their lives: in their daily time with the Lord. Join Mark on a walk through 14 Truths in this 14-week guide toward hope, purpose, and fulfillment.

Truth for 'life is hard' moments


  • You are in a place of complete chaos, filled with anxiety and fear.
  • You are living in a situation which you could never have imagined yourself.
  • Your life feels hopeless.
  • You just need a daily reminder of God's love, goodness, and faithfulness.

31 Days of Prayer and Promise will connect you to God's word and guide you into a conversation with him, reminding you of the hope found only in him.

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