truth for "life is hard" moments

31 days of prayer and promise


  • You are in a place of complete chaos, filled with anxiety and fear.
  • You are living in a situation which you could never have imagined yourself.
  • Your life feels hopeless.
  • You just need a daily reminder of God's love, goodness, and faithfulness.

31 Days of Prayer and Promise will connect you to God's word and guide you into a conversation with him, reminding you of the hope found only in him.

31 days of prayer book
pam and mark wade group shot


Pam and Mark Wade have been Bible study leaders for high school students, college students, and young adults for over 30 years and have served in many capacities in their local church. By profession, Pam is a voice coach, and Mark is a sales coach. They make their home in Arlington, Texas. They have two adult sons and a daughter-in-law. They spend as much time as they can on their tandem road bike.

You're Not Alone

What are others saying?

"When my life turned upside down after being diagnosed with stage four throat cancer, I was lost! I was angry with God because he allowed me to get cancer at 42. When a good friend asked if he could send me a scripture and a prayer every day, I said yes even though I was angry, and my first thought was that I was too mad at God to do it. Then, I started reading the scriptures and prayers from 31 Days of Prayer and Promise and received more peace daily."

Jake Cooper

Gladewater, TX

"How many times do we tell people, 'I will pray for you,' yet we fail or forget within a few days? Thirty-One Days of Prayer and Promise will help you pray deeply for people in a systematic and meaningful way."

Kurt Oman

Buhl, ID

"These daily devotionals have inspired me to pursue a deeper relationship with God, believe that it is possible to move forward during difficult times, and love others better. This little book has become such an important part of my daily life. Rereading these encouraging Godly words month after month keeps teaching me new things repeatedly. Pam and Mark's words will challenge you to live like Christ, find peace, keep moving forward, and learn to use His words as a daily boost!"

Mary Robin Gaston

Houston, TX